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Brass Orchestras Concert VARIO AUDRA

Brass Orchestras Concert VARIO AUDRA (The Brass Storm) on 7 July

17.00  h Parade in the Cathedral Square

18.30 h Concert in the City Hall Square

21.00 h Retro Music Evening in Sereikiskiu Park

Brass orchestras prepared several intriguing performances for the celebration. The best military, professional and amateur orchestras will join the musical parade in the Cathedral Square at 17.00.The brass orchestras concert VARIO AUDRA (Brass Storm) will expect the audience in the City Hall Square at 18.30. It is a two-hour long classical and popular music concert with the participation of all orchestras, which are also preparing impressive joint performances. The event will be adorned with the participation of girls dance groups.After the concert the audience will be invited for a retro music evening in Sereikiskiu Park at 21.00.

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