Į pradžią Svetainės žemelapis

In Kaunas S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium on 6 July 19.00

The Flax has its exceptional place in the traditional Lithuanian world-view, existence and daily life. It used to accompany the person through the life as a witness of main life shifts. Girls used to weave white and colorful linen: varicolored weaves reflected all their thoughts and concerns… Lithuanians have plenty of songs, rituals, roundels and dances associated with the flax. 

The Dance Day programme is based on this heritage combining antique choreographic compositions and modern dance. The programme consists of four parts: LINO PASAKA (The Tale of Flax) joins up the elderly and the children; PASĖJAU LINELĮ (I Sowed the Flax) presents ritual dances of flax sowing and pulling periods; LINUI ŽYDĖTI –MERGELEI TEKĖTI (For the Flax - to Blossom, For the Girl – to Marry) is the wedding part; IŠAUSIM MARGĄ ŠOKIŲ RAŠTĄ (We Will Weave a Colored Dance Weave) presents the grand cloth by all participants with the inscription of the precious word „Lithuania“. 

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