Į pradžią Svetainės žemelapis

In Sereikiškiu Park and the castle area on 6 July 16.51  

The Folklore Day programme is masterminded as a reflection of the real time – the circle of the day. It will start welcoming the rising sun and last all day long till the very night.

Best Lithuanian folklore ensembles of all ages coming from towns and villages, prepared to show the daily routine of the local people: various work seasons sang out with special songs, rituals, home fatigue, preparation for and celebration of various fests marking changes of the human life and the nature as the wedding, the christening, the main dates of spring, summer and autumn. 

It is already common that the Song Celebration gathers together the best blacksmiths, weavers, wickerwork makers, wood carvers, potters, curriers and other craftsmen presenting all ethnographic regions of Lithuania in a colorful and diverse fest. The event would also a give a chance for everyone to taste traditionally baked bread, home made beer and many other specialties prepared by best Lithuanian cooks.

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