Į pradžią Svetainės žemelapis
Let the Kanklės Play

Kanklės Ensembles Afternoon SKAMBĖKITE, KANKLĖS (Let the Kanklės Play) in Petras Skarga Courtyard on 5 July 18.00

The first joint kanklės ensemble concert was held in the Song Celebration of the year 1998, then in 2003.  

The joint orchestra of about four hundred musicians will perform at the Lithuanian Song Celebration 2007. It developed from a broad and creative movement of the Lithuanian kanklės players which started more then one hundred years ago. Nowadays kanklės sound all over Lithuania.

Genuine music pieces by Lithuanian composers as well as folk music songs arranged for kanklės ensembles will be performed at the concert. For the first time the event will be adorned with the performances of Latvian Kuoklės and Estonian Kaneles ensembles.

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