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Song Day DAINOS RATU (In the Song Circle) in Vingio Park on 8 July 17.00

The ideas of the Song Day spin in the circle of human and natural existence, symbolizing their natural links: from the sunrise and the human birth till the sunset and the sight beyond. For long centuries in the bosom of the earth, the nature’s lap, people created the history of the nation.  

The Song Day programme consists of four parts, starting with a vivacious joint brass orchestra performance colored with dance compositions. The first part will present a folk song and its new interpretations – from a monotone melody to a polyphonic consonance, underplayed with folk and wind instruments and even rock music elements - composed on this special occasion. The second part is a tribute to the choir music tradition – the song a capella. The uniqueness of this massive singing manner is recognized by the UNESCO proclamation of the Baltic States Song and Dance Celebrations as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Humanity. The respect for the historical values expressed in the first parts of the programme is perfectly reflected by the line from the poem by Bernardas Brazdžionis: “I have searched for you - the Lithuanian - in the Past”. The third part is a rejoicing of youth and children choirs, modern rhythms and the spirit of revival following Bernardas Brazdžionis words “I have searched for you - the Lithuanian - in the Present.” 

The final part is the overall joint performance of all choirs, crowned with the song “Lietuva brangi” by Jonas Naujalis and the “Tautiška giesmė” by Vincas Kudirka – the official hymn of the Republic of Lithuania.   

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